Het gezelligste en oudste underground festival van Nederland!

Vertrapte grassprieten, kapotte plastic bekers, de geur van verschraald bier als kruitdampen boven het veld. De dag na Stonehenge biedt elk jaar een stilleven dat in schril contrast staat met de dag ervoor. De laatste zaterdag van juli barst uit zijn voegen van de herrie en nog meer herrie, lomp en onbenullig. Maar mét sfeer. Want metal is steenhard, maar ook keigezellig.
En dat al sinds 1995. Een stel trouwe bezoekers van jongerencentrum de Buze in Steenwijk stak in dat jaar de koppen bijeen. Ze smeedden een plan, dat ijzersterk en onverwoestbaar bleek in de loop der jaren. Stonehenge. Een underground metalfestival, gewoon in de tuin van de Buze. Met op het podium acht Nederlandse bands.
Vanwaar de naam Stonehenge? Te logisch voor woorden, maar vooruit: Stone = steen. En dat in Steenwijk. Voor verwarring met het Stonehenge Festival van vroeger in Engeland bestond geen angst; dat was immers voor een stel halfzachte hippies…

De gedachte achter het festival. Geen commercie, geen gedoe met mensen die bulken van het geld en jouw feestje invullen en verstieren. Het doel is eenvoudig. Neerlands trots uit de wijde regio en verre omstreken, een podium bieden om zich te presenteren aan een groot publiek. De weergoden hebben van meet af aan hun zegen gegeven aan Stonehenge.
De eerste editie bleek een schot in de roos. Met een bezoekersaantal van bijna vijfhonderd kwamen er drie keer zoveel metalheads op Steenwijk af als was ingeschat. De conclusie van de organisatie: volgend jaar weer! En zo was tussen de jaarlijkse festivals in Nederland een nieuwe woest telg ontsproten.

Het festival groeit, in eigen tempo en zonder zich over de kop te laten jagen. De metalmarket (Staalhandel) blijkt een welkome aanvulling. In 1999 waagt de organisatie zich zelfs buiten Nederland en België. Het Engelse Anathema is de eerste band van buiten de Benelux. Het initiatief slaat aan, het roer wordt op deze koers vastgezet.

Stonehenge krijgt steeds meer de allure van een internationaal festival. Bands uit Duitsland, Frankrijk, Zweden, Italië en zelfs Amerika dompelen zich onder in Steenwijks metal.
Het oorspronkelijke doel wordt echter niet uit het oog verloren.

Inmiddels is Stonehenge veelal weken van tevoren uitverkocht. Daarmee is de kracht ervan keihard bewezen. Stonehenge is uitgegroeid tot hét toonaangevende underground metalfestival van Nederland. En de organisatie, die gaat meedogenloos door. Want de Steenwijker toren is nog steeds niet uit het lood geblazen.


Basement Torture Killings

Formed in 2007 BTK are the soundtrack to your nightmares. Currently signed to CZ label BLP the band dropped their latest album Lessons in Murder in 2020. Maintaining a constant live presence, the troop of deviants have honed their stage performances into something truly horrifying. Resulting in festival appearance across the EU including Bloodstock Open Air, Obscene Extreme, DeathFeast, Grindhoven, Berlin Deathfest as well as tours with bands such as Gutalax, Rotten Sound, General Surgery, Prostitute Disfigurement and Rectal Smegma.


Belphegor was founded in 1993 and spread like a virus within the underground. Meanwhile, their »BLOODBATH IN PARADISE« demo has become legendary and paved the baleful path into the souls of thousands of listeners. Anti-religious with nihilistic tendencies as well as provocative topics, BELPHEGOR moved on. The debut album »The Last Supper« [1995] let the community of followers and opponents grow. Inexorably, the band pushes their destructive ways forward in the following years. BELPHEGOR become louder, more obsessed and more dynamic, and their albums now have cult status. To think about the scene doesn't work without thinking of BELPHEGOR. In 2008, the band sent their followers to the edge of hell with »Bondage Goat Zombie« and sparked an all-consuming Death Metal fire with blasting black metal influences. This masterpiece, inspired by the Marquis de Sade, is one of the most demanding works the genre has offered to this day. BELPHEGOR showed themselves equally brutal and baleful on the successors »WALPURGIS RITES - HEXENWAHN« [2009] and »BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE« [2011]. The band received a lot of great feedback for their intense live performances as well, and reached out to a big and loyal fan base.  Their obscure rituals full of diabolical magick have haunted the world several times – next to extensive tours through Asia and Europe, BELPHEGOR have also completed ten tours through North America. No matter where BELPHEGOR march forth on this planet, be it on your stereo or live on stage, one thing is for sure: after the crest of their devilish death ceremony, there will only be a heap of ruins remaining!


With sales of their albums in the hundreds of thousands and having played just about everywhere in the world Benediction are still as popular today as they have ever been.
They are proud to have been around since the start of what became the "Death Metal" scene and can still give one of the best energetic live shows around today.


Formed in Växjö in 1992, Birdflesh is one of the craziest grindcore acts around. Their take on grindcore is filled with strong thrashy influences, wacky lyrics and a funny atmosphere overall.
Over the years the band released a huge amount of music, consisting in 4 full lenght albums and countless Demos, Splits and EPs, but being so prolific has never been an issue for Birdflesh as their material was, and is, always above the bar. 
As they gained the status of “cult band” in the grincore scene, the live activity took the band on the greatest stages for extreme metal, such as Obscene Extreme Festival, Maryland Deathfest, Neurotic Deathfest and many more.
There is nothing in this world like Birdflesh.

Butcher Babies

For over a decade, Butcher Babies have been crushing stages worldwide with their vicious live performance and explosive energy.
Their stage presence is a hypnotic spectacle that leaves audiences hungry for more.
Frontwomen Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey, guitarist Henry Flury, drummer Chase Brickenden and bassist Ricky Bonazza juxtapose brutal, aggressive riffs with beautiful melodies that wail with emotional redemption.


For the last decade, Carnation has been at the forefront of reviving old school death metal. There’s something to be said about the artfulness of taking something so primitive and walking that fine line between keeping its classic authenticity without sounding tired or dated. Carnation has always teetered this line, injecting a fresh and contemporary approach without losing the genre’s time-honored traditions. However, the band’s third endeavor sees Carnation erasing those boundaries entirely and abandoning any and all conventions as they traverse into daring new territory. ‘Cursed Mortality’ pulls the Belgian death dealers deeper into experimental new waters, taking risks as the band steps out of the shadows of its predecessors and comes into its own identity. ‘Cursed Mortality’s’ statement is clear: This is no longer simply a revival; this is Carnation’s rebirth.

Carnation was formed in 2013 by vocalist Simon Duson, bassist Yarne Heylen, guitarist Bert Vervoort, and brothers Jonathan Verstrepen (guitars) and Vincent Verstrepen (drums). While many bands endure lineup changes over the years, Carnation stands as it did 10 years ago, growing tighter and stronger along the way. They are a brotherhood, both literally and figuratively, as they celebrate their silver anniversary. As familial ties can sometimes create challenges, it only empowers the Verstrepen duo. “My brother and I grew up together listening to the same music. I think we even have a 95% match on the music we listen to,” explains Jonahan about his relationship with his sibling. “Back when we were kids we already used to make ‘music’ together and we kind of understand each other when making music. When I write a song, I always send it to my brother first and he then records some drum ideas for it. Most of the time it’s exactly what I had in mind for the song!”


Coffin Feeder

Spawned on the day the earth stood still, Coffin Feeder is an unholy alliance between veterans in the metal and hardcore scene.

A delirious and furious combo featuring members of Aborted, Leng Tch'e and Fleddy Melculy spew forth a high energy blend of groove laden death metal, grind and hardcore. Though all members are from Belgium, they are from three different regions within Belgium and speak three different dialects, so the members have to convene in plain English in order to be able to understand each other.  Now if that's not heavy, I don't know what is.

Coffin Feeder will unleash it's debut EP 'Stereo Homicide' in the fall of 2021 and convert the non believers. Be warned, no flesh shall be spared. It features 5 tracks that are biographical in nature and tell the tale of dual serial killers who work in tandem with one another (hence the dual nature of the EP’s namesake.) Brutal tracks based around the likes of the infamous Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole and spanning several other killers like Charles Ng and Leonard Lake, the concept of which will mortify your mental state while simultaneously stimulating your cerebral cortex.  The duality of the damned committed such atrocities that it has to be heard to be believed!  “Stereo Homicide” will bring twin engines of destruction to life in a tale of the macabre for all who shall brave its delights!  Coffin Feeder will bore a hole into your head and lay its eggs in your brain that will be certain to be bi-polarizing!

Coffin feeder is Sven Vocals • Jeroen Guitars + Vocals • Bart Guitars + Vocals • Jan Bass • Sieb Drums


From the mid-90s to 2005, Sweden’s Defleshed churned out a white hot blend of thrash, death metal, and grindcore, marking themselves as one of the most vital bands in all three of those genres. Having run out of inspiration and wanting to try other things they called it a day the same year they released their fifth album Reclaim The Beat, and ever since fans have hollered for their reunion. In 2021 they got what they were asking for when the band’s core lineup – guitarist Lars Löfven, drummer Matte Modin and bassist/vocalist Gustaf Jorde – got back together. “We just wanted to record a couple of songs to include in a vinyl box set,” explains Jorde. “The songs turned out good and the process was satisfying so we decided to have a go on a full-length.” The result is the corrosive Grind Over Matter, 11 blistering songs packed into 34 minutes, not only proving that the band still have what it takes but that they are playing at the absolute top of their game.


Formed in 1989, Deicide are responsible for shaping death metal at every level.
Throughout the ‘90s the group’s tendrils infiltrated, influenced, and inspired hordes fans and musicians, resulting in respect and a rock-solid legacy.
Whether it’s 1990’s Deicide, 1992’s Legion, or 1997’s Serpents of the Light, Deicide persisted in their mission to enlighten, inflame, and provoke!


Graceless (NL) play Death Metal. Founded in 2016 the four piece quickly gained a respectable reputation, releasing 3 albums, 2 splits and playing countless memorable live performances, including Ruhrpott Metal Meeting, Party.San Metal Open Air, Eindhoven Metal Meeting, Stonehenge, Into the Grave and many more.

The latest milestone in the rise of Graceless is the inking of a worldwide deal with Listenable Records in 2023: including LP, CD and MC reissues of their first three albums as well as the release of the bands fourth full-length, being the follow up to their critically acclaimed third record Chants from Purgatory (2022).



2023 celebrates the rise of Haliphron.
Announced in 2021 in the Netherlands by Marloes Voskuil (vocals, ex-Izegrim), Ramon Ploeg (guitar, Bleeding Gods, ex-Debauchery), Jessica Otten (bass, Bleeding Gods, Dictated, live for Asagraum and Gaerea), Jeroen Wechgelaer (guitar, ex-Izegrim), David Gutierrez Rojas (keyboards/vocals, Bleeding Gods, ex-Kingfisher Sky) and Frank Schilperoort (drums, God Dethroned, ex-Grand Supreme Blood Court, ex-Shining), the band signed with Listenable Records for the release of Prey, their first album.


I Am Morbid

When Morbid Angel had to miss a series of European performances in 2017, I Am Morbid filled the gap in the bill. Originally presented as a cover act, the band around former singer/bassist David Vincent impressed with an impressive performance and Morbid Angel itself was barely mentioned. Vincent, also known as Evil D, was part of Morbid Angel from 1986 to 1996 and can be heard on the pivotal albums 'Altars Of Madness' (1989), 'Blessed Are The Sick' (1991), 'Covenant' (1993 ) and 'Domination' (1995), exactly the four albums that today make up the setlist of I Am Morbid. He returned to the band in 2004, only to finally throw in the towel more than ten years later and concentrate on I Am Morbid, which today also includes guitarists Bill Hudson and Richie Brown and ex-Morbid Angel drummer Pete Sandoval. Their goal: to revive US death metal from the 90's like no other.

Icons Of Brutality

Twisted horror-themed lyrics, sickening guitarriffs, combined with D-beat- and blastbeat-drumrythms…….
Since Icons of Brutality started out in 2009, the band always has been known for putting all these elements into an intense exposure of crust-‘n grind-flavored oldschool deathmetal. Their latest album “Doctrines of Deceit” (2019) was recorded and mastered by Fredde at the Dirty-Bird-studio. Providing the album with a ultraheavy guitarsound, the band sounds like a diesel-driven monstertruck, fully ready to crush everything in its path.
The Dutch deathmetalmachine called Icons of Brutality will again be ready to hit the stage and share their crust'n grindflavoured deathmetal with you! Cheers and see you in hell!



Incantation are a veritable institution on the American death metal scene. Since issuing their 1992 debut long-player Onward to Golgotha on Relapse, their musical signature is unrelenting brutality that mixes punishing riffs with widely varying tempos. Though based in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, their longstanding base of operations is New York City, where they remain at the forefront of its death metal scene. Though their brand of extreme satanic metal has kept them out of the mainstream for decades, later albums like 2014's Dirges of Elysium, 2017's Profane Nexus, and 2020's Sect of Vile Divinities appeared on multiple music industry and streaming charts. Incantation continued to defy expectations in 2023, celebrating over 30 years as a band with their unrepentant 12th studio album, Unholy Deification.


INHUME is a No Nonsense Grinding Deathmetal band from The Netherlands blasting the Underground scene since 1994.
Having released 4 full-length albums thus far with a new album in the works for a 2018/2019 release on Vic Records.


Loyalty Ends Here

Winner of the Dutch Metal Battle 2023 – Loyalty Ends Here – is a formidable 5-piece metal band that thrives on its captivating music and thought provoking lyrics. Their unrelenting and melodic style is a unique blend of influences from renowned metal acts such as Trivium, As I Lay Dying and Lamb Of God.

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Necrot are a hard-grooving death metal trio based in Oakland, California that was formed in April 2011 from the skeletons of Acephalix, Vastum, Lawless, and Saviours.
Their membership includes drummer Chad Gailey, bassist/guitarist/vocalist Luca Indrio, and guitarist Sonny Reinhardt.


Necrotesque, “Necrotic” & “Grotesque” was founded amidst the pandemic in 2021. Born from sickness!
Necrotesque is Old School Death Metal.
It's members having a combined background in Death Metal, Doom, Rock-‘n-Roll, Black Metal & Thrash. The result is a groovy and swinging mix of chainsaw brutality.
Inspiration: Grave, Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, Entombed, Dismember.



Suffocation is an American death metal band formed in 1988 in Centereach, New York, currently consisting of lead guitarist Terrance Hobbs, bassist Derek Boyer, rhythm guitarist Charlie Errigo, drummer Eric Morotti, and vocalist Ricky Myers.

Sun Of The Suns

Sun Of The Sunsis a scary, groovy relentless machine that will smash and crush any resistance, applying for the long-awaited role of real innovators of the extreme metal scene.The founding members of such an exciting new band could boast a considerable background and a certain reputation in the underground scene, having released several records and performed tons of live shows all over Europe. What led them to launch this project is the will to push the boundaries of extreme music and the need to convert all their influences and experiences into a sound that lies outside the standards of a specific genre. Sun of the Suns’ identity is suggested by their moniker itself: a cosmic order vitally inked to a fundamental polestar that is “innovation” – and every element of the band’s sound revolves around it and is destined to evolve continuously.


Terrorizer is an American grindcore band from Los Angeles, California. It was originally formed in 1985 as Unknown Death by vocalist Oscar Garcia and guitarist Jesse Pintado. They would rename themselves Terrorizer after recruiting drummer Pete Sandoval, who remains the band's sole constant member throughout their discography, The band's current lineup consists of Sandoval, bassist David Vincent, vocalist Brian Werner and guitarist Richie Brown.


The lucifer principle

The Ignition:
By the end of 2004, the infernal machine of the Dutch based The Lucifer Principle took a brutal start.
Within 8 months, the band released two well received demos ("Burn!" and "Flamethrower") in which they showed their original approach of an old and heavy genre. he use of a stand up bass make The Lucifer Principle different to all other death metal bands. Instead of an electric one, the stand up bass underlines the groovy character of the songs. The music of The Lucifer Principle is best described as Stomping Death Metal, a mixture between old school heavy metal, rock n roll and groove, all connected by a firm and edgy death metal base.

What' s in a name:
The band found a great source of inspiration in Howard Bloom's "The Lucifer Principle". The book describes the origin of human nature, in which violence and evil are the basic ingredients. Human beings grow up with the thought that violence doesn't solve anything. History however, has already proven numerous times that violence does solve a great deal of problems. The greatest civilisations (including their problems) all have fallen victim to violence and disappeared to make place for a new way of thinking. The Lucifer Principle stand for the avalanche effect, or action = reaction, something The Lucifer Principle practice while playing live.

The Fire:
The Lucifer Principle have played with a wide variety of bands (Obituary, Devildriver, Napalm Death, Holy Moses,Entombed,...). In a very short period of time, their live reputation became one in which energy and interaction became the mainingredients. 2007 brought some great life moments on tours with bands like Entomed and festivals like Graspop Metal Meeting (with Iron Maiden, Kiss, Whitesnake and many more) and Loud From The South (with Soulfly, Carcass and many more). It's just a matter of Action = Reaction!

In the heat of the moment:
After the release of two successful demos and loads of shows, The Lucifer Principle are ready to turn the page and to take a next step in the band's future. At the beginning of 2007 The Lucifer Principle started working on a debut album. With the help of engineer Cees Pols (case i/0 studio, Steenwijk) The Lucifer Principle started recording "Pitch Black Dawn". Besides a selection of three re-recorded demo tracks, the band recorded six brand new tunes. "Pitch Black Dawn" was mixed and mastered by Textures' guitar player Jochem Jacobs at Split Second Sound.
The result is best described as an old school death metal sound with a modern twist.
At the moment the band is working on the folow-up album for "Pitch Black Dawn", which will be released early 2009!


Vendetta FM

Vendetta FM. is a Hardcore/Metal band established in Spain since 2007.
During the years, the band has been toured around all world, playing many times over 17 countries (América and Europe), sharing tours with legendary bands like Sepultura, Brujería, Hatebreed, Madball, Agnostic Front, Born From Pain, Dagoba, Wormed, Gutalax, Kraanium, Sinister, Crisix or Avulsed between many others.
They have played in many festivals around the world, sharing flyer with many bigger bands, some of this festivals are Vagos Metal Fest (port), Goothom Open Air (Slvk), Kaltenbach Open Air (Austria), Metal Gate Czech Death Fest (Czech), Aúpa Lumbreiras (Sp) and many many more.
They return to Stonehenge Fest this 2024, in their third visita to our country, playing their 8th studio record "Apología del Fracaso".